Monday 12 March 2012

Renovating a Vintage Suitcase

I know there are a lot of instructables, tutorials and ideas floating around the internet about renovating vintage suitcases for other purposes. This is not one of them. Sorry! Just a little update about my preparations for selling my stuff at markets.

I have been very blessed to end up with a suitcase that used to belong to my Pop. It arrived in my possession via my sister, who delivered some retro sewing bits and bobs from my Ma, including a couple items of clothing that are about 80% complete - very seventies in style and fabric!! (Aunty Merelyn or Aunty Janelle, maybe these were sewing projects of yours?) Anyway, the suitcase was the mode of transportation, and I was allowed to keep it - HURRAY! We already have a vintage port as a coffee table (idea shamelessly borrowed from Sav and Dave - thanks!), and I just love vintage suitcases, so of course I was excited.

It has been storing fabric for me for a while, but when I decided to do these markets, I just knew I wanted to use the suitcase to take my stuff and as part of my display. When I opened it up today, I found that the lining needed a little bit of work. (I should have taken a before pic but I didn't - apologies!)

All I have done so far is line the suitcase with some lovely oilcloth I bought the other day. I did plan to make little make-up bags and maybe a beach bag to sell, but I am afraid I have used most of the cherry pattern now and that plan will not work. But I think it was worth it - it has brightened up the suitcase considerably. 

I needed to do this today because the house is being taken over by craft (supplies, works in progress and finished products). 

Speaking of which, I have spent a couple hours today cutting out lots of shapes from the beautiful 100% wool felt that I received in the mail today from Winterwood Toys. I am so excited!! Hopefully I'll have time later this week to post about some of the new products I am creating at present. 

Until then.

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