Monday 5 March 2012

Market Display

Ugh. Monday. I tend to dread Monday mornings - the kids are tired and cranky from the weekend, the house is a pigsty from the "day of rest" we have as a family on Sunday, and I am exhausted. Sounds silly, but our day of rest is totally worth it. Anyway, I am choosing not to indulge my negative tendencies. Monday is a fresh, new start to the working week. Another opportunity to start over. To make changes where necessary, to be intentional about life and relationships...

Enough philosophising.Something else I did on the weekend was make a display board for my brooches, to take to the markets. I used an art canvas, covered it in calico (on which I had embroidered my business name and logo), glued on some old doilies, added some black grosgrain ribbon, and voila!

 The next step was reinventing my cards to match the new display. I was able to use materials I already had at home to make these (they are not going to have the bottom hole - I was just experimenting with where to put the price):


  1. This looks fabulous Candy! Gorgeous simple, yet elegant and unique branding. Well done all the best for your market/selling adventures. x

    And yes, our day of rat always leaves the house looking worse for wear too - worth it!

    1. Thanks, Rach! I'm also thinking of doing some black fabric bunting with calico letters to put on the front of the table...if I get time after actually making enough stuff to sell. xo


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