Tuesday 27 March 2012

A Glimpse of My Latest Project - *Washing Day*

This idea has been brewing for a while now. It began almost two months ago. I have been itching to give it a shot, but also scared that it would not turn out like I have it in my head! Do you ever get that? But I'm happy to say, this time, it is shaping up nicely!! Especially considering that this is my first time to attempt to use chain and jump rings...

So...it's washing day!! Remember my Quiet Book dress up doll page?  Well, the inspiration for this little statement necklace and brooch set came out of that. I loved making the little 50s style dresses out of wool felt and embroidery, and the idea just popped into my head and I haven't been able to shake it since.

I have not actually sewn the yellow dress yet, just cut out the pieces. It is going to have a cute little peter pan collar. What do you think of the *washing day* concept?

Now here's the punchline...I have a little doll outline waiting to be made into a brooch, with a little dress like the one below to go on the doll. The dresses will all have the soft side of velcro on them, and the doll will have the scratchy side, and...you guessed it! You can change the doll's outfits!! Hurray!! I just get so excited about this idea. 

Now I know this is not for everyone, it's a bit too out there for some of you. But what about you mummies with little girls? Or aunties with nieces? Is this not a totally cute idea for a piece of jewellery that can also be a fun game for a toddler to play with her Mum or Aunty? 

Well, I must leave you now as my children are both asleep and I am longing to get this little number finished in time for the markets on the weekend - not to sell though! It's my prototype so I am not so keen to sell it, plus, I really want to wear it! If someone wants to buy it, they can order it and I will make more. These are just so fun to make!

(I think I exceeded my exclamation mark limit today. But in the words of my two and a half year old daughter, "I soooooooooo excited!")


  1. Cute! And I really like the layout of your blog!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I am slowly getting more confident with this whole blogging thing, and figuring out how to get things the way I like them. :)


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