Wednesday 28 March 2012

Kids' Oilcloth Aprons

Today has been a shocker. I will spare you the details, as it is like something out of a B-grade PG comedy involving children and their bodily functions. Not to mention the kitchen disasters. And trying to juggle five activities at once, and the chaos that ensues.

Anyway. One thing that has gone right today is my attempt at a kids' apron out of oilcloth, bias binding and cotton twill tape. A friend has put in an order for matching aprons for mother and child. This is the style I am planning on making, as clothing protection is the number one priority. Oilcloth is great, because you can just wipe it clean.


Cute little model, isn't she. As my Mum always says, "God made them cute for a reason." Today is another example of why. ;)

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