Sunday 25 March 2012

A Quilted Box Full of Lace

A quick trip to the local op-shop while I was out having my turn to vote in the state election...a dangerous thing! A volunteer found me ensconced in the craft section debating over whether or not to buy something or other, and asked if I knew they have trolleys. I told her I always tell myself I won't need one, as I am just stopping in for one or two things, and always end up loaded up. 

I managed to drag myself away with just one armful of things. This cute quilted box below, with about twenty lace remnants, and a handmade doona cover with amazingly bold and bright jungle print. My sisters - it reminds me very much of our wall-hanging on our bedroom wall when we were kids. You know, the one we used to make up stories about, and imagine we were in.

I'm not sure I know exactly what I'm going to do with all the lace. I think I was thinking with my bower bird brain, my "Oooh, it's pretty!" brain. I justified it with, "I have a daughter, one of these days I'll get around to making pretty little dresses for her, and I'll use it then."

Time will tell, right?

In the mean time, any suggestions from you crafty lot?

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  1. Hehe! The old ladies at church could teach you how to make crotcheted soap covers out of it :-)


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