Thursday 22 March 2012

First Sales on Etsy

My first Etsy sale ready to go into a postal bag

 Wow! A few exciting things have happened in the past couple days. But the main one for me to share with you here is my first Etsy sale! I had a visit from my lovely friend Carly who decided to buy up a few pre-made Etsy items as well as a couple custom orders. 

Custom felt 50s style dress brooch, inspired by this.

Custom cupcake, similar to one here, but puffier.

The full order in its cute little box.

I got my second order today, thanks to my lovely friend, Rach. I am excited about making the custom items she has ordered also, but they may need to wait until after the markets (thankfully she is not in a hurry).

You know what? This is not as scary as I thought. :)

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