Thursday 29 March 2012

Kids' Drawings Into Wall Art

Can you believe it is almost the weekend again? The time is going way too fast. My daughter put herself to bed a couple hours early today, after getting home from an outing. Thankfully, the little man was also ready for bed soon after, and I had a lovely couple of hours doing some needlework. 

My gorgeous niece (my only niece so far!) is a wonderful at drawing. She is three and a half, and comes up with the most amazing pictures. I love them. I have been blessed to receive some of her drawings in the mail, and some others via my sister who put them away for me (thanks, Kirsty!). 

I  have been wanting to do this for ages (I say that about so many projects because it's true!!!). To transfer her drawing into embroidered wall art. And here it is:

The original drawing
The finished wall art version.

The embroidery hoop is only 10cm, so the photo of it on my screen is slightly larger than the actual size! I think it would look really cute to hang several of these embroidered children's drawings together in a cluster on one wall. What do you think?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! And the artist was just thrilled at seeing her work in sewing :-) The other day she something on the internet and she said "Did Aunty Candy make that??" Because she's so used to seeing the cute things on your blog...

    1. Awww, she is so sweet! I went on and did another one of her drawings, will have to post a pic, maybe on Facebook. Glad she likes it :)


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