Saturday 31 March 2012

The Land of the Half-Finished!!

Happy weekend!! I am rather excited today, as it is my first market day :)

I had this long list of "would be nice if I managed to get it finished by the markets" items, and I am slowly making my way through them. Here's a sample of the list:
  • 3 half-made journal covers
  • my brooch from the *washing day* set
  • half-made adult-sized apron to go with the kid's apron
  • custom order for my friend Rach, to use as an example of name hoop art
  • 2 more gadget cases in different designs that I already have cut out and partially sewn
  • another cloud brooch, to replace the one I sold
  • the bunting with my shop name for my stall banner, it is also cut out waiting for me to do millions of applique and sewing
  • the tablecloth for my stall - seems I will just use the calico unhemmed and unembellished
  • business cards
  • more display cards, like these here
Oh dear. That's the list I woke up to this morning. Of course, it is impossible to get them all done, so I have had to prioritise. I have made it through several of them, suspended several until after the markets, and still have a few in progress. 

I have not been stressed, though. I totally want to keep this as something fun, not stressful. I started to feel a little lost and overwhelmed, but immediately had a little thought pop into my head: "You were going to aim for about thirty items. Count the finished ones now." (Thanks for that, God!) Guess how many I have completed and ready for sale so far? TWENTY-NINE! So I just have to complete one more item and I am on target. Aaaaaahhh...that's nice to know :)

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