Tuesday 7 February 2012

Vintage Style Aprons

Aprons. They're all the go at the moment, have you noticed? We often used aprons when I was growing up. Saturday mornings meant baking time, which meant apron time. Fun! I loved putting on my apron like Mummy, and whipping up a chocolate simplicity cake (leaving plenty of mixture in the bowl to lick out of course!). My two and a half year old also loves to don her new apron (thanks, Sneha!) and 'help' me bake (was I that much trouble, Mum?).

Well a couple years ago, I decided to make myself an apron. I found some gorgeous Michael Miller fabric with a vintage kitchen motif, from Oz Material Girls which I thought was perfect for my apron. I bought the pattern from Etsy as a pdf download from Tenth Muse Studios (sorry but it appears she is no longer selling). The end result is above, middle and right pics (it is a reversible apron).

Around that time, I also made a simple half-apron (above left) from a rectangle of vintage red gingham fabric that I was given by my grandmother, with some home-made bias binding for the trimmings from some white fabric she gave me. It's very simple. Maybe I will do a tutorial for that one sometime soon.

With the small amount of leftover Michael Miller fabric, I covered an art canvas and attached a bit of ribbon with some mini-pegs for a matching recipe-holder. This is now a fixture in my kitchen that I use regularly, especially when I am baking.

I recently found some vintage magazines at an op-shop, with some great sewing patterns and gift ideas. There were some cute aprons in one, as pictured below.

Perhaps I will give these a try next. I think the embroidery and applique looks sweet. But perhaps not so practical for wearing while baking or gardening, as you would have to hand-wash to protect the embroidery. kind of defeats the purpose of an apron... Do you like to use aprons, or don't see the point?


  1. So weird - was going to email you today and see if I could put a Candy-made apron on my Birthday list (just to give you plenty of warning :-) and then I got on here and you were show-casing your wonderful creations! (So, yeah, if you want to make me one I'd love that...!!)

    1. Wow! That's cool! Any particular colour? I bought a range of purple-y fabrics recently, with you in mind (for your journal cover with Julia's drawing that I am planning to make at some stage) - I bought more than I expected, so maybe that would work? Or did you have something else in mind?


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