Monday 13 February 2012

Quiet Book - Part IV

Happy Monday everyone. I hope you are all having a good day. I found out today that some items I had purchased online for one of the pages of the Quiet Book have somehow been lost in the mail. Here's hoping they show up sometime soon!

I have been working on another page in the meantime. This one features a larger version of the Silver Birch Tree that I have previously posted about.

Credit goes to my Mum for suggesting I make little birds for the tree, attached with snap clips, so Eliza can pull them off and clip them back on.

After watching my hubby and daughter's daily ritual of throwing bird seed out the front windows of our house for the pigeons, I was inspired to add some french knots and straight stitch bird seeds under the tree, with extra clips, so the birds can be taken down from the tree and put on the ground to eat the seed.

Credit to my hubby for the bird outline he drew for me. Thanks babe!

The clips are yet to be attached, and I'm thinking about french knot eyes for the birds...what do you think?

(Every time I work on this, I get a certain song stuck in my head..."Feed the birds, tuppence a bag..." Ha ha! Now it's stuck in your head too!)


  1. I thought you just looked at the tree and decided you needed to 'put a bird on it' :-) (I'm still laughing out loud when I think of that). I think though, that the birds are fine without eyes. Eliza may think differently of course!

  2. I too think the birds are fine without eyes. You don't want too much detail, might be overkill. And yes, thanks, now that song is in my head too!

  3. Thanks Kirsty and Kathryn, I appreciate the feedback. Makes it easier without the eyes also! No eyes it is! :)


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