Saturday 25 February 2012

Quiet Book - Part VII

 The next page in the Quiet Book.

It's tricky making a 3D object like a backpack look good in sort of 2D, especially with zippers and such. I did my usual trick and did a google image search for some clip art of backpacks. I used one of those inspiration pictures for the craft I did with Miss E the other day.

The vinyl hat, sunscreen and lunch bag are totally wrong size in proportion to the backpack, but there was not much room left on the page! I put the backpack and these smaller objects to the "Eliza test" - I ask her, "What is it, Eliza?" and if she can tell me what it is, I know the shape is workable. She obviously can't read, but the lunch box and sunscreen are both shaped similarly to her own real versions of these, and similar colours. Anyway, they passed the test, so they are good to go!

The backpack is made of 100% wool felt, and has three pockets that Eliza can put her hat, sunscreen and lunch bag into. I was going to do trickier closures for the front pocket, but decided it would be too hard for her to actually do. So now she just has to slip the straps through the D-rings.

She has already had a go at the activity, and said "I want to do it again" after she finished - I guess that's a good sign, right? It is now a common thing for her to say "What you making, Mummy? Something for my special book?" Awww. Warms my heart :)

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