Wednesday 22 February 2012

Logo Design

I am such a total amateur when it comes to logo design, as well as image editing and the like. I had asked both my sister and hubby to come up with some ideas for a logo, but both are super busy and have not had a chance. So when I had an idea pop into my head when I was not even thinking about it (I love it when that happens!), I had to have a go at putting my idea on paper. Below is what I came up with on paper.
I was playing with the concept of two "c's" - a bit cheesy, I know, but that's just me. So this apple idea came to me, as the basic shape is made up of two "c's" opposite each other. Does that even make sense?

Anyway, I have wasted too much time today downloading and trying to figure out how to use GIMP - a free image editing program my hubby recommended. Above is my end result - although in GIMP the image is transparent, I don't think that works in my current set-up here. It took me ages to make the header banner as you see it above, but I am pretty happy with my final result, even though it is amateur-ish. I cannot say I enjoyed that process anywhere near as much as I enjoy crafting and writing this blog...but oh well. 
My two-and-a-half year old daughter has been hounding me all day - "I want to do craft, Mummy". Hmmmm. I can hardly blame anyone but myself for her interest. Well, we did a little craft together this afternoon after her nap :) I actually used the opportunity to help with my preparation for another page for her Quiet Book.
I obviously helped her with her cutting, but she glued the sparkles on by herself. And I helped her glue the backpack onto the page. Not much, but it took us a good half-hour! 

At Spotlight today, I saw all the little needlework kits and thought "I can't wait until she is old enough to do those!" If she wants to, of course. But it seems she is rather keen at this age. So much so that I am in the process of a Quiet Book page that says "Eliza does some sewing like Mummy."


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