Tuesday 28 February 2012

Quiet Book - Part IX

Yet another Quiet Book page completed...HURRAY!

I've actually had this one completed for a while, minus the little accessories, which I bought online and had sent to me...except that the package got lost in the mail, and took several weeks to return to the sender (Create-A-Doll), who happen to be in Wosolloongabba. I chose today of all days to go over and pick it up, and Brisbane traffic decided to show me what I'm missing by not venturing out at peak hour on a weekday (even though I was well after peak hour today, it was still crazy - something to do with trains not running today, I hear) . 

However, I now have in my hot little hands TINY LITTLE KNIVES AND FORKS AND SPOONS AND BOWLS AND PLATES! Please excuse the yelling, I am a tad bit excited.

I am slightly disappointed, as one of my little bread and butter plates has a chip in it (see the one on the left, there). I am going to get a replacement set.

So the table and chairs are just cut out of nice ribbed cardboard, and glued on to the page. The cutlery and crockery live in the little pockets (um, that's obvious from my little embroidered labels, sorry for insulting your intelligence!), and Eliza has to take them out and "set the table". The cardboard provides a stable base. Good for fine motor skills - mine too!! They are really teeny tiny, so it's a bit fiddly, but that will be good for her. 

Of course, my main concern is that the tiny bits will get lost, so this is an activity to be completed strictly under supervision. The whole book is intended to be used in a supervised setting though, so I'm okay with that. 

One other aspect I am a little regretful about is the little pockets - they were supposed to have cover flaps that attached with a snap clip...but I got a little carried away with the embroidery and forgot to leave room for the flaps to attach to the pockets. I am thinking I'll have to come up with another way to keep the little bits in there safe and sound, or else they will fall out inside the book and likely get lost! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You can just leave a comment below. Thanks :)


  1. a thin strip of velcro running along the top inside the pocket to seal it shut perhaps?? Ronnie

    1. Thanks Ronnie, that is better than the ideas I had so far! I'd have to use the stick on stuff I think.

  2. What about a little elastic loop attached to the hem of the pocket that goes around a cute button sewn just above the pocket? Or would the button get in the way of the little plates, etc when trying to get them out/put them away?

    1. Ooh, love that idea too Kirsty. I'll have to have a play tonight and see what is going to work best. Thanks for the suggestion! It's a big help. :)


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