Sunday 13 January 2013

How To: Make Paper Heart Embellishments

On my wish list for Christmas, I wanted a large heart cutter. You see, I had this plan to make some packaging embellishments from paper hearts. I had been given a sheet of these from a popular stationery and homewares store, and I loved using them to pretty up my packages last year. I loved the simple beauty of these embellishments, and thought I could make something similar pretty easily. 

Well, lo and behold, I received a cutter for Christmas...a round corner cutter, that is. Exactly the same as the one I already have. But my loved one who gifted this to me kept the receipt (smart person) and I was able to take and exchange it for a heart cutter. I couldn't find a plain one, so I ended up with a scalloped edge heart. Which I have decided I love, by the way. 

So, here it is. 

How to make paper heart embellishments:

  • Large heart cutter/punch
  • Scrapbooking paper, or other thick paper or thin card, with pretty matching patterns
  • Sewing machine threaded to match the paper/card
  • Paper scissors
  • Double sided tape


Use your heart punch to cut hearts out of a variety of matching scrapbooking paper/card.

Choose three hearts to go together. The three hearts are going to sit in a pile, so the top one will be most visible, but the others need to look good with it.

Stack your three hearts in the order you want them.

Sew straight up and down the centre line of the pile of hearts, making sure you keep them neatly together.

Flip the hearts over and cut a strip of double sided tape the length of the centre line of the heart. Place the tape on, leaving the protective strip on the second sticky side in place until you want to use it. [You can store the hearts at this point, in their flat state.]

When ready to use the heart embellishment, gently fold the top layers back towards the centre line, like little wings. Fold the second layer a little in the same direction.

Remove the protective strip from the double sided tape and place in desired position.


  1. these are gorgeous Candy. I love that hole punch but never saw a reason to buy it. now i do! Well done on the tutorial too. great directions and pictures.

    1. Thanks Rach! So glad I could inspire you :)


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