Friday 4 January 2013

Completing Another Unfinished Project

Belated holiday greetings! And Happy New Year to all. I hope you have all had a lovely time over Christmas and New Year. 

Here's another unfinished project that I completed prior to Christmas, and this one has a little "full circle" kind of story. The pink patchwork panel on the front was made by my Grandmother-in-law more than 15 years ago. It was intended to be a cushion cover, but never got finished. Grandma gave me several panels of different patchwork designs that were in various stages of completion, as she said she is never going to finish them now. She hoped I could find some way to make use of them. 

When my Father-in-law asked if I had anything in my store that would be a suitable present for his Mother (the same Grandmother-in-law), I immediately thought of the unfinished patchwork panels and said I could whip something up. 

So I made a simple tote bag, using this tutorial to get me started (though I altered dimensions and a few other elements).

I made a kanzashi flower brooch to use as the centre of the patchwork panel as a decoration, or it can be removed and worn as a brooch.

I made the outer portion of the bag with an upholstery-weight cotton canvas that I purchased at a thrift store, and the inner (lining) portion of the bag with a vintage sheet (also thrifted). The inner pocket was from thrifted linen. 

I always love the satisfaction of completing something, especially using thrifted materials. But with this project, the greater satisfaction was in knowing that the finished product would return a piece of lovingly-made textile craft to its maker in a form she can use every day.


  1. What a lovely bag & story! I think the broach is so cute that I wouldn't want to take it off the bag

    1. Thanks Nat! I suspect my Grandmother-in-law will also get more enjoyment from keeping it on the bag rather than wearing it :)


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