Tuesday 22 January 2013

Dress Up Dolls

Well hello there! I feel like it has been an age since I've last posted, but I think it was just last week. I just wanted to share the project that has been consuming a lot of my time in the last week. The prize from my most recent eNewsletter giveaway - a custom made Dress Up Doll brooch, with four dresses of the winner's choice. And here it is, ready to be posted out to our lucky winner, Stephanie. Apparently, she and her daughter are a wee bit excited.

Here's a barefoot dress up doll with different colouring:

(Please ignore the fact that I haven't done her shoes yet!).

It is my goal to have some ready made Dress Up Dolls - some as brooches and some as toys - in my Etsy store and available at the next markets (dates to come soon.)


  1. We are VERY excited! Thank you so much Candy!! - Steph

    1. Yay!:) Hope it lives up to your expectations!

  2. Lovely clothes with such fine details! I must admit though that when I saw the velcro strip for a few seconds I thought it was some marking to censor the doll's parts...lol!

    1. Ha ha! That's what someone said when they saw the dolls at my market stall recently! I hadn't thought of that, but when they pointed it out, I can totally see it! Thanks for your kind compliments.


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