Thursday 17 January 2013

And Mari Was Happy At Last!

A friend I have never met, who lives on the other side of the world, has allowed me a very special privilege. She has commissioned me to stitch a portion of a recent story her six-year-old daughter wrote and illustrated.

My friend's little girl, Mari, has a serious medical condition that is increasingly impairing her mobility (and therefore, her ability to do things for herself). Mari is currently in training to have a helper dog, thanks to WAGS - Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs.

She and her family are so excited about the new freedom Mari will be able to enjoy with her service dog. Mari recently had the special treat of meeting her assigned helper dog, Olive, earlier than she expected. That precious meeting prompted her to write a beautiful story, a snippet of which you see here.

Although I have never met her, I know that Mari has a heart of gold, just like her Mum. In the midst of the intense challenges that this precious girl is facing, I hope that this wall hanging will serve to remind her of the joyful first meeting with Olive, and help to keep her positive in her journey.

Mari with her service dog, Olive


  1. Thank you, Candy....for continuing to inspire across the pond with your caring heart, talented hands and bright mind! So grateful for you and we can't wait to hang this in a special spot :)!

    1. My dear friend, you are most welcome! Thank you for letting me share in your journey. Much love!

  2. So sweet! - Steph

  3. Oh, Candy, this brings tears to my eyes! Like you, I've never met Becca or Mari, but I feel as if they are among my closest pals thru our online friendship. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Lovely to hear from you, and so glad you enjoyed reading this post. xoxo


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