Wednesday 24 October 2012

Update and BiTM reminder!

Hello! I apologise for being sporadic with posts lately. Oops. 

Just a little update on the home front - 2 days after I posted Decisions, Decisions, my hubby got a job offer! Yay! Lovely confirmation of my choice to stay home with my kidlets being the right one for us at this time.However, while the blessing of a new job has been marvelous, there has been a difficult adjustment period. Just getting the family into a new routine. Miss Three finds it especially hard, as she is such a Daddy's girl, and relished his period of unemployment. Just this morning, she was suggesting that she go to work with Daddy. When I explained that it would be dead boring for her, with nothing for her to do while he worked on his computer all day, she reasoned that surely somebody else could "have a try at Daddy's computer and he can stay home with me". Awww...

In other news, the BrisStyle indie Twilight Markets (BiTM) are on again in King George Square this Friday evening, 5pm to 9pm. If you are in the vicinity, pop in and check out the awesome handmade goods. I finally bought my lights yesterday (nothing like last minute, huh!), so I'm set to go! I'll be in the middle of the market, in the co-op section. 

(My pink felt dress brooch even made it into the BrisStyle promo collage this month - woohoo!)

For more info on the BiTM, go to the BrisStyle blog.

Hope to see some of you on Friday night!

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