Thursday 25 October 2012

Have You Met Hazel, Freda, Mirabel and the Others?

Here's a little something that I have been busy with recently. Well, a few weeks ago now, but I did not get a chance to blog about it at the time. 

BrisStyle, supported by Brisbane City Council, runs wonderful FREE monthly workshops on a range of topics to help crafty types in their making and selling ventures. Basically professional development for crafters. Thanks to the super advice from Melanie from Kimono Reincarnate at a recent session on photographing your creations, I was inspired to have another try at getting my product shots right. And thanks to the incredibly supportive Homespunsociety team on Etsy,I have had a lot of helpful feedback. My new product shots of my miniature felt dress brooches are certainly far from perfect, but I think I'm heading in a positive direction. 

I also FINALLY got around to making little stories for each felt dress brooch style, and have included them on the Etsy description! Just thought I would share some with you.

JEMIMA owns a dress boutique. She has a passion for helping other women find the right outfit for that special occasion. She has a keen sense of style, and just the right blend of tact and frankness. 

RITA is your average girl-next-door. She is fresh faced and fun, with a keen sense of adventure. She is a most loyal pal, just the kind of friend you want to have with you when you get into trouble. Which is just as well, as trouble seems to follow her!

VALERIE is an air hostess. She takes her job and its associated responsibility very seriously. She will be the first to tell you that it's not all glamourous. She does, however, like to look her best, especially when she hits the town.

MABEL is a girly girl who loves to dress up. She only owns one pair of flats, and she only wears those on the tennis court. She is in her element planning parties and baking up a storm – wearing an apron to cover her good frock, of course!

PENELOPE is a warm, compassionate counsellor at the local high school. She loves playing scrabble and drinking tea while her cat keeps her lap warm.


MIRABEL is sweet and kind. She is a primary school teacher who is well-loved by her students. She loves to knit in her spare time, and donates the blankets she makes to those in need. 


MOLLY is a librarian, whose favourite part of her job is reading books to little kiddies during storytime. She likes to go dancing in her spare time, and travels when she can. She collects spoons from her travels and hangs them proudly on her wall at home. 

EVELYN is all about understated elegance. To unwind after her days at the office, she loves watching Audrey Hepburn films with a glass of wine. She paints landscapes on the weekends, with her loyal golden retriever by her side. 

 HOLLY is an aspiring actress who is currently doing TV ads for yoghurt. She has dreams of one day making it big on Broadway. She is into fashion in a big way.


HILLARY is a smart, ambitious career girl, with a great sense of fun. She's your go-to girl if you need to take care of business (in a totally non-mob kind of way).

SALLY is an athletic sort, who loves nothing better than a good long run first thing in the morning. She has a sharp wit, which she frequently uses on her clients at the local country club, where she coaches tennis. 

LUCY teaches piano to children in her home-based studio. She is a fun teacher, with a flair for the creative. She collects figurines, and loves to make up stories about them.

HAZEL has a childlike playfulness. Maybe it is her impish smile, or her large, round, twinkling eyes. Or perhaps it is her propensity for playing practical jokes on her dearest friends. Whatever the cause, Hazel is well loved by those who love her. 

FREDA is a graceful, softly spoken dance teacher. But she has a secret wild side - she loves to drive her sports car far too fast with the hood down. 

(All available at my Etsy Shop, or at the BrisStyle indie Twilight Market tomorrow evening.) 


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