Tuesday 9 October 2012

Country Town Op-shopping!

Thrifted fabric remnant with gorgeous kitchen print

As those who follow me on Facebook would know, my kidlets and I had the best part of a week at my parents' place last week. They live in a country town in the same state, a mere two hour drive full of beautiful scenery, but somehow we just don't get down there enough.

I grew up in this town, and while I was eager to get away by my late teens, it is a wonderful place to go back to. One thing it really has going for it is its op shops. I developed a love for them in my teen years, and love to go back and sift through the treasures waiting to be found and given a new life.

The bonus for me now is that I have very willing babysitters in town (my parents) who encourage me to go op-shopping, shoo me out the door even, so they can have some time with the kids without a pesky parent around (they love me, but hey, we all know parents cramp grandparents' style, right?).

So who was I to disobey?

I had some wonderful finds, mostly vintage bed linen, as well as a handful of handmade vintage aprons and some hand embroidered bits and bobs. I hope to photograph the aprons soon (they need a good pressing first), but here are some of the other finds.

A tea tablecloth and two different citrus coloured single sheets

Gorgeous flannelette cot sheet

Floral curtain and sheet
Gorgeous sheet with a print of an illustration of a pair of little girls, and a set of floral sheets

An embroidered handkerchief pocket

An embroidered tea tablecloth

A sweet hand painted dip bowl, still in its gift box
I have plans for the floral sheets...I have some 1950s dress patterns in my size that I have been wanting to try out, but don't trust my sewing skills enough to buy expensive fabric, so a set of double bed sheets with a lovely print for $3 is a really wonderful blessing.

Now to find the time to sew...


  1. Awesome finds... you are blessed to have your folks as babysitters!!! Have fun creating!

    1. Thanks! Yes, very blessed. Love seeing your updates on instagram!

  2. Ooooh I'm so very jealous of your vintage sheet finds!! I've only just started hunting the op shops for these (goodness knows I've got everything else I need from them!) but I haven't had much luck I have to say....I thought I found a lovely pair of sheets today but when I really studied them, they were just naff, not vintage haha. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them! Kelly :) www.yougotthatatanopshop.com

    1. Thanks Kelly. I have so many sewing plans and have difficulty finding the time to actually sew...so we'll see! I love keeping up with your thrifty finds too, always great to see what bargains someone on the other side of the country has snapped up! Love it.


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