Tuesday 30 October 2012

Kids Artwork Embroidery Update

We've had some rather overcast days here lately. My dodgy little old camera is happy, because those overcast days create some great light for taking photos outside. I have finally updated some photos of my kids' artwork embroidery pieces. I usually have the dilemma that I am working to a tight deadline, and have to take a quick photo with whatever light I have, right before posting the artwork off to it's new owner. However, since I have three pieces to complete for one customer, I have the unique opportunity to wait for good light to take some better photos...

I also finally did up a price guide for those interested in commissioning a work. (Prices are subject to change at my discretion, and are as a guide only).


  1. They are gorgeous! Love the Discovery Centre one!

    1. Thanks Ros, I have so much fun doing these. :)


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