Friday 1 June 2012

Father's Day Idea

Oh, dear blog, how I have missed thee! The week has passed in a blur yet again. I am finding it so hard to make time to get on here lately. But...I have just found out from my doctor that I have an easily treatable medical reason for being so tired all of the time, so that is a relief. And here I was thinking that it was just the norm for having two kids!!

Just sharing a little peek at the latest custom kids' artwork embroidery wall art that I have completed and posted off to the US today. Did you know that it is Father's Day on June 17th in the US? I am learning a lot about the United States as a seller on Etsy.

The original drawing

 As you can see, it's a more mature drawing than the ones I have made into embroidered wall art in the past. I love the bright colours and all the details. Isn't it delightful!

The finished embroidery in the 25.5cm/10 inch hoop

(The customer suggested that I cut out some of the drawing, so it would fit in a circular embroidery hoop more easily.)
Close-up of the applique/embroidery
As usual, I had a lot of fun with this. I love using the child's own handwriting for the caption, it is such a great personal touch. 

I used Kunin Eco Fi Felt for the applique on this one, something I am experimenting with lately - it is polyester felt made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. It has an interesting texture, and while I do not like it as much as 100% wool felt, it is still a good quality felt that has the benefit of being suitable for vegans. 

Must dash off to get into some apron making, now that both my kids are sleeping soundly. :)


  1. Hi Candy, you are amazing, crafting, running a business and a 24/7 mum! That is all tiring enough. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    love the embroidery.

    1. Thanks so much Kate! I appreciate the encouraging words :)

  2. Hi Candy! These are great!
    I have used the eco-fi felt in the past for felt food and found it stood up well. I do love the wool felt though... I am thinking of getting some of these to be used as patches in a quilt, would they be easily washable? I am not sure what thread you use and about shrinkage. Jen

    1. Thanks Jen! I'll have to test how washable they are before I give you a definite answer there - since they have only been made for wall art so far, I have not really worried about it too much. However, I can tell you the thread I use is DMC stranded cotton, which has washing instructions here:

    2. Ok cool! I'll have to just think it out first... and figure out which artwork i want to use and if i want to go this route! I would hate to ruin it so maybe i could make it so that it is removable with snaps or something.


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