Friday 22 June 2012

Winter Creature Comforts

I love the indulgence of creature comforts in winter. Even a mild, Brisbane winter. 

I sit here on this slightly cool winter night with my 'Ma blanket' draped over my lap, keeping me nice and cosy. My darling grandmother has knitted a special blanket for each of her grandchildren and now each of her great-grandchildren as well. I just LOVE that she does this. It is such a wonderful way of imparting part of herself to her family. And even though they are just tiny, her great-grandchildren seem to 'get' how special their 'Ma blankets' are. We have an extra tiny blanket that she made, just using up a few scraps, as a lap blanket for the kidlets while in the pram. Hubby rescued it this afternoon from a long hibernation in the linen closet. Miss almost-three had not seen it for a good long while - she was so excited, she had to run and show me, saying, "Look Mummy, this one is a tiny cute Ma blanket!" Awwww, bless!

Tea. I'm up to Day 7 of my coffee-free Cuppa Tea A Day. So far, my tea schedule has looked something like this: 

  1. Cranberry, Strawberry and Raspberry Herbal Tea
  2. Peppermint with English Toffee
  3. White Tea with Rose
  4.  Italian Almond Tea
  5. Earl Grey with Lavender
  6. Pure Ceylon
  7. Lady Grey 
I have not had any major coffee cravings so far. Quite amazing, I think.

I have, however, had cravings for chocolate. Oh dear. Thank goodness my dear friend gave me some for my birthday. *grin*

This evening, I am also enjoying perusing the latest issue of Peppermint Mag, which was part of my birthday present from Hubby. And I'm drinking my tea out of my new teacup from my lovely sister-in-law. And eating chocolate from my dear friend. What a lovely way to spend a winter evening.

And don't you just love the way the heading on the Peppermint Mag just jumps out and screams CELEBRATE!

What is your favourite winter comfort? Please tell me in the comments section below. :)

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  1. Sitting on our 'comfy couches' with my darling husband (also wrapped in a 'Ma Blankie'!) chatting, eating delicious desserts and/or watching a movie :-)


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