Thursday 24 May 2012

Business Card Display Board and Recipe Holder

Oh. My. Goodness. What a day! In fact, what a week it has been!! Talk about crazy, non-stop, headache-inducing busyness. *Sigh* Okay, now that I have that off my chest, time to talk about something I've made recently.

I have a beautiful friend who very sweetly and trustingly puts custom orders in to me. The conversation goes something like this:

Friend: Candy, I'd like to order something from you, and please make sure you charge me enough, and it doesn't matter when you get it finished, and if I love it I may order more...
Me: Okay, what would you like me to make?
Friend: A fabric-covered canvas roughly yea big, you know with the diagonal ribbon and button effect? For displaying my business cards at wedding expos and the like. And a recipe-holder like you have, but to hang here, in this one little spot in my kitchen that I can put something on the way, and all girly and over-the-top like I am, pinky, you know...
Me: Sure, well I can bring some fabric swatches over for you to have a look at.
Friend: Oh no, you choose, whatever you choose will be gorgeous, I'll just leave it up to you!
Me: Well, do you want some felt bunting spelling out your business name on the display board?
Friend: Oh yeah, maybe? Up to you, whatever you think. And no rush, seriously, take a few months if you like, just whenever...and make sure you charge me enough so that you can make money from it! 

Isn't she beautiful? I love her to bits.

Anyway, here is the outcome of the above (somewhat accurate, if my postnatal memory is serving me correctly) conversation.

Recipe Holder

Close-up of the fruit themed buttons adorning the pegs

Business card display board

Close-up of felt bunting

By the way, there is a cool story about the buttons on the business card display board. I did a mock-up of the ribbon placement with string, to get an idea of how many metres of ribbon I would need to buy, and to count the junctions to know how many buttons to buy. But I forgot to check how many rows I ended up with, and I forgot to count the junctions!! Once I got to Spotlight, I searched through the rather meagre supply of buttons for blue ones - I was going to do the ribbon in pink, but there were none that matched that colour. So I switched my plan, and went with pink buttons...the ones I wanted only had one or two buttons in there. Then I found these, that had a flat back but a nice curved top, they were the only pink buttons that had enough in the tube to even come close to sufficing. I counted, there were 39 buttons. I thought, "I hope there will be enough!"

When I got home that afternoon, and attached the ribbon, then counted the junctions, guess how many? Yep, THIRTY-NINE! Perfect! (A big THANK YOU to God for that one!)

Hope you love it, dear friend!


  1. I absolutely love both of these candy! You are doing awesome work. P.S That cupcake material is to die for!!! xxxRonnie

    1. Thanks Ronnie!! I'm planning on making a frilly girls' apron for the same friend, using that cupcake fabric. It's too cute!


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