Tuesday 26 June 2012

We Go Together...

We go together...my fam and I!
I have a confession to make. I love rainy weather! Sure, it's a pain to try to get laundry (especially cloth nappies) dry if you don't own a dryer. And I understand that people tend to go a little crazy on the roads, with more risk-taking than usual. And I totally get that young kids can be rather wild in wet weather. But despite all that, I just love rainy days! 

Admittedly, in the past, it has been my opinion that rainy days are often best enjoyed curled up under a doona with a cuppa and a good book, or some needlework to keep me busy, but today that just ain't gonna happen. Instead, it's a day for baking pink biscuits (or cookies in US-speak) with Miss almost-three, followed by an indoors picnic to eat said biscuits while still warm. A day for totally indulgent cuddles with warm, freshly woken seven month old. A day for building cubby houses with a playpen and drying sheets, complete with a heap of cushions and blankets to make it a cosy snuggle den. In essence, a day for less work, more play!

Have you taken time to play today?

I have another confession to make. When I sat down, I had a totally different blog post in my head. But some things just have to be said. :)

Hop on a swing set in the rain and swing as high as you can. Or at the very least, don't step out of the way of that puddle on your way home - jump in it instead!

Photo taken about 9 months ago - I treasure the memories of this day!

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