Monday 7 May 2012

Dress Up Doll Brooch

Completed Dress Up Doll Brooch Set
Hi there, friends. Remember me? I feel like I just do not get to blog as often as I would like to lately. Anywho, here I am on Monday evening, finally getting to a post I have been wanting to do for a few days. All about my latest project which I have just completed - a custom order for a felt Dress Up Doll brooch with four interchangeable 1950s style dresses. The request was for dresses in hot pink, lime green, purple and one other colour that I could choose. The concept is based on my Washing Day and Dress Up Doll set, but without the necklace. This actually made it a lot more versatile, as I did not have to make the dresses match each other (even though they kind of do anyway).

Original concept sketch and watercolour for Dress Up Doll custom order

I was really excited to make this set. I just love making these little vintage-inspired dresses, they are so much fun. Plus, the details are really satisfying to complete. This time, I plaited the embroidery floss for the belts and bows, used french knots for buttons, stem stitch for pleats and running stitch to stitch the two layers of felt together. Each dress is two layers of 100% wool felt.

I got a little thrill when I heard back from the customer after she received the brooch. She said: "It is perfect! I love all the outfits and the detail is just right. Thank you again for making these for me. I'll be wearing them to work this week to show them off."

Mmmmm...satisfied customer = satisfied maker. :)


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