Saturday 17 August 2013

How To: Make a Sewing Kit for a Young Girl


I shared a photo on Instagram and Facebook yesterday of the above gift wrapped in fabric and secured with bobble-headed pins and ricrac. I mentioned that it is a sewing kit I put together for my niece, who also loves to create things. Some of you requested to see what is inside, so here goes: 

I used a tin that I had laying around (an old "moon cake" tin actually), which would have been better if it were pink, rather than purple, as my niece is an avid pink fan. However, part of the aim of this gift is to also impart a "mend and make do" mindset along with some inspiration for creation. 

I started with a range of pink-toned fabric pieces - some are fat quarters, others are smaller scraps from my stash. Did I mention that she loves pink?

Next, I rounded up some pink (and other coloured) ribbons, lace and elastic. I found a pink felt sheet, and cut a small piece to put a couple needles and a safety pin through. A small container of bobble-headed pins, with some tailor's chalk, and a ziplock bag with a small amount of polyfill in it.

Pink thread - well, all the fabrics are pink, so what else does she need at this stage? (My niece is only 5 years old, and will literally reject objects that are not pink). I also tucked a few different hairclips in for her to decorate her own clips. One of my favourite parts - a tin of buttons from my stash! I have fond memories of rifling through  my Mum's button tin, and figured my niece will enjoy having her own stash.

And last, but not least, a fabulous book by Jane Bull, aimed at young girls, with fantastic photos and instructions for a range of beginner crafts. This is a gorgeous book, with really wonderful ideas. I found it at our local library a year or two ago, and noted down the name, so I could buy a copy for my own daughter and my niece.

I contemplated doing a fancy needle book and pin cushion for her, but then decided she could make her own...that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

When you make your own sewing kit gift for a girl (or boy) in your life, you will probably have slightly different needs and purposes for the gift, but I hope this is a helpful guide to some of the basics you might like to include. I'd love to hear if you've made a sewing kit for someone!


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