Monday 24 June 2013

My Thirtieth Vintage High Tea Party


Last week I had a birthday. I do not normally celebrate my birthday except with my immediate family, but this year was a milestone birthday. The big 3-0. I decided earlier in the year to mark this one with a vintage high tea. Here are some highlights, all photos taken by my sister Kirsty, who also provided half of the amazing food and helped me create the menu.

Other friends helped make some of the food, and I did not need to do any food preparation whatsoever! I felt very blessed by that, as even though I love baking, the presentation aspect of food is not my strong point, and it stresses me out. 

 I borrowed vintage tea cups and platters from friends and family, and used vintage embroidered tablecloths made by grandmother and other tablecloths I found at the local trash and treasure! 


My sister made a wonderful birthday cake, healthy natural sweetness and delicious chocolate icing.

A friend donated a lolly bar left over from her recent wedding. Those little pink pigs were so delicious!!

Everyone got dressed up in tea party attire from their favourite era. I wore my wedding dress, which I had designed and had made by a brilliant seamstress 7 years ago.


I have an extensive collection of tea and did not need to buy any extra for the occasion. However, I did make the labels for the jars with chalkboard cloth, and decoupage jar lids. (Remember this tutorial?)

I felt so overwhelmingly blessed by the abundance of gifts showered on me. I totally did not expect this, and I just cannot get over how perfectly appropriate every gift was!

A dear friend happened to attend a cooking school on the morning of the party, and made an amazing croquembouche, and kindly brought it along! Doesn't it look superb? It tasted great too!  


I got to do the fun preparation - making vintage floral sheet bunting, fabric covered jars with fresh flowers and candles, tablecloths etc. I had such an amazingly fun day, and felt so very loved. Thanks to all those who are reading this who helped make my thirtieth birthday so very special. Now I need to knuckle down and get several custom orders finished this week!


  1. You look so beautiful Candy!!

  2. YUM! Everything looks soooo good! Happy belated birthday Candy! Looks like it was a good one :)

    1. Thanks Maggie! It was indeed a lovely celebration :)

  3. Oh, my word!! I loved every bit of this post, fabulous pictures!! I, too, love to bake, and...I, too, get stressed out over trying to make the food look presentable. ;)

    1. Nice to know I'm not alone! Thanks Shannon :)

  4. this looks amaaaaazing! Mine's on monday, but my baby's 7 weeks old so think I'm going to be home doing nothing - sigh oh well, another year...


    1. Thea, thanks for your comment! Happy 30th to you, and I hope you can revel in your gorgeous baby's company...any maybe have a big celebration later on! :)


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