Thursday 7 February 2013

A Sentimental Favourite

I just LOVE this dress. I just found it again recently, after a long absence in my sister's closet. It never actually fit her in quite the right way, so I don't think she wore it much. However, when I passed it on to her, I asked her to give it back when she was done. You see, it's got special sentimental significance to me...

I wore this vintage dress on my first date with hubby, almost eight years ago. I'm ignoring the fact that it wasn't a planned date as such, and more of a "I'm going to be baking to make supper for church today and yes that's fine if you invite yourself over to help". It was the first time we hung out together one-on-one and hit it off. And he took me out for lunch, so it kinda was a date. It's the date we use as our anniversary, and it's almost eight years since that day!! 

Yep, eight years, two kids and two dress sizes since that day. I am currently on a quest to greater health - physical, emotional and spiritual health - and one of my goals is to be able to fit in some of my favourite clothes again. This dress would definitely qualify as one of my favourites, but it's so much tinier than I currently am that it seems impossible.

So today I pulled the dress out, ironed it and hung it in my room as a daily visual reminder! Here's hoping that it helps to motivate me when I'm feeling tempted to indulge in sweet treats or corn chips!!


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