Saturday 15 December 2012

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I have got to say, last night's BrisStyle indie Twilight Market was the best market I have ever been to. There was such a great festive vibe, and plenty of people coming through. I got to share a table with the lovely Sharyn from Gutsy Girl Art. And to top it off, I was not expecting to see any on my friends outside of the BrisStyle community, but saw quite a few after all! Including a lovely friend of mine from high school who came and hung out for the last hour or so, and even helped me close a few sales. (Thanks, Karen!)

Thanks to all who made purchases, it is truly exciting to see things I've designed and created going to new homes. But do you know what satisfied me most of all? Watching people's reactions as they walked past the stall. Of course, plenty of people walked straight past, but there were many who stopped and squealed with delight - either at the rain cloud brooches, or the dress brooches, or even the embroidery hoop art pieces. I just loved seeing those reactions! I loved the exclamations of, "Oh, that is SO CUTE!" and "KAWAII!!" and seeing people do a double take for a second look...I loved seeing people smile in reaction to my little pieces of wearable art. So thank you, to all of you, for making my night so memorable!

Okay. Down to business. Another GIVEAWAY!! You can win...drum roll please...drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...a Dress Up Doll Brooch with four outfits - entirely custom made just for you! You can be in the running just by signing up to my brand new eNewsletter here. You get to choose the doll's hair, skin, and eye colour, as well as each of her dresses -  style and colour! Feel free to share the news with your friends.

Good luck! Perhaps you will win! (Giveaway open internationally, and will be drawn mid January)

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