Monday 30 April 2012

Tea Break!

I kind of just dropped out of the blogosphere for several days there...sorry about that! I should have known I was not going to get a chance to blog while we were away, but I was too busy getting ready for our break to think about it. Our family had a little holiday at the seaside for the last five days. The weather was not clement. We did not go swimming. But we had plenty of lovely moments together as a family of four. PLUS, I got to attend a lovely wedding of a lovely friend, and that was very special indeed. 

I had a lovely treat waiting for me when we arrived home. There was 118ml of rain in the rain gauge, so it's fair to say it rained quite a lot while we were gone. In our mailbox was a sodden clump of mail, most of which I had to chuck out without reading as it was just too wet. But there, in the midst of it all, was one shining little package whose contents made it through the downpour unscathed. A package full of lovely tea samples from Artful Tea.

Check out some of these tea names:
  • Chocolate Mint Rooibos - Herbal Tea
  • Summer Romance - Black Tea
  • Lemon Goji Fusion - Herbal Tea
  • Organic Jasmine Yin Cloud - Green Tea
  • Ginger Peach - Black Tea
  • Masala Chai - Black Tea
  • Green Tea Citrus - Green Tea 
  • Organic Ceylon - Black Tea

Each sample is beautiful loose leaf tea in a tea filter bag, practically packaged in a zip lock plastic bag with instructions on making the tea, with a lovely card tag attached over the front of the bag. The scents of the various teas are escaping and tempting me. It is a rather grey day here again, and I am hankering for a cup of tea. But what a dilemma to decide which one to try first!!

I made up my mind, and had the Ginger Peach. It was delicious. I have had peach tea before where the smell of peach is so overpowering that my brain gets a real trick when the black tea flavour comes through and I end up feeling disappointed. The scent of the peach in this tea was more subtle, and a better match for the actual level of peach flavour in the tea. The hint of ginger was great too - not overpowering, just right.  

If you are into tea, please do yourself a favour and check out Artful Tea's Etsy Store and Facebook Page. I'm sure you will love it too.


  1. Candice -

    You're such a dear! Thank you for the tea-riffic review of ArtfulTea. I'm tickled to learn the tea samples were in good shape despite the rain. (Tea does NOT like to get wet more than once!)

    So very glad you're enjoying the teas. Thanks again for your kind words. Happy sipping!


    1. Aw, my pleasure Karen. It really is beautiful tea and so beautifully presented too. Thanks again!


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