Tuesday 17 April 2012

Recipe: Three Ingredient Shortbread Bikkies

I don't normally post recipes. I used to bake a lot, and it was not good for my waistline. Now I craft instead, which is not good for my back. (Right now, I am sitting on the couch trying to correct my slouchy posture with laptop on my lap, while wearing my pelvic support belt as the physio ordered due to my still unstable postnatal pelvis)...

But I digress. I think rainy weather makes me want to bake. Yesterday, I told myself I needed to use up the butter that was sitting in the fridge, as my hubby was slathering it on everything. So why not make some terribly delicious shortbread biscuits instead? Hmmmm. 

I found this recipe in the selection I copied from my Mum's favourite recipes. She had photocopied it from an old recipe collaboration book, like they used to put together for church jubilee celebrations and other such events. It is totally three ingredients - the old school way. 

  • 250g butter
  • 100g icing sugar
  • 300g plain flour

  1. Cream butter and sugar.
  2. Mix in flour thoroughly. (Mixture will be crumbly)
  3. Roll together in walnut-sized balls, and press onto a greased cookie tray (use a fork if you like, I just used fingers. And the recipe says you can press a cotton spool into the centre for a decorative imprint!)
  4. Bake in preheated 180 degrees Celcius oven until light golden, about 10 minutes.
  5. Try to eat in moderation!!! 
I thought the bikkies might turn out a bit crumbly, but they are not at all. Rather lovely consistency, in fact. 

Good luck with that last step, though, it's a tricky one! :)

Best enjoyed on a rainy day, on your best china, with a lovely cup of English Breakfast tea :)

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