Thursday 18 August 2011

To Sell Or Not To Sell

I've been thinking a lot lately about the pros and cons of selling the crafts that I have made. I can't believe how much I am deliberating over this.

On the one hand, the idea of getting a little something back to pay for the craft supplies I buy is so appealing.

But on the other hand...I do craft because I enjoy doing it - without the pressure of having to have it 'good enough' to sell or having to put a price on it. I make stuff to give as gifts because I like putting thought and effort into presents, and I know how special it is to receive a gift that was made especially for me. I do craft for relaxation and enjoyment, for self-expression and a sense of personal satisfaction. I am a little concerned that trying to market and sell my handmade stuff will detract from that element of fun, freedom and relaxation.

Also, I don't really enjoy mass-producing things. It's one thing if it's for a small Christmas gift I'm giving to lots of friends, like the Christmas tree ornament I made last Christmas. But it's different if I'm making in order to sell. To me, that is a whole different mindset. I tend to get sick of making the same things over and over. Once I've mastered one thing, I want to try something new. Otherwise it just does not feel satisfying.

Another thing that trips me up with the idea of selling my stuff - ego. If my stuff does not sell, I am concerned that I will feel hurt, that my sense of self-satisfaction may be diminished, and that in turn will steal some of my motivation to keep making.

So my current stance is this: I will continue make for enjoyment, relaxation, pleasure, self-expression, and gifts for other people. If I get excess stock lying around, I can put it up on my Etsy store, and see if any of it sells. If it does not sell, I will be ok with that. I will use it myself, or keep it for gifts in the future - but not in a 'this is a reject no one wanted so here you go, you can have it' kind of way. As it is, I only make stuff I like, so if I like it, hopefully I can think of a friend who would also like it. :)

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  1. I think you should sell them, they're beautiful after all!!


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