Wednesday 24 August 2011

How Fun Is This - An Envelope Needle Book??

So Pinterest is apparently causing inspiration that actually results in making! I recently found this gorgeous tutorial on Pinterest. Wow! I found it so irresistible that I just had to make one for my crafty friend Hannah's birthday. I had actually gone searching for needle book ideas, as she has been storing hers in the awkward, hard-to-use turn-then-try-to-shake-the-needle-you-want-out case that the needles had come in. This tutorial looked perfect!

The tute is well-written, with a downloadable pdf pattern and instructions, as well as lots of lovely pics all available from the website. I tweaked a few things, like sewing the stamp and address lines on by hand with embroidery thread, and adding a name in embroidery also. Here's the finished product:

I enjoyed making it so much that I had to go on and make one for myself as well.

 So there you have it. Now I know you're itching to go try one for yourself so off you go. Have fun!


  1. I saw the finished product and it looked great!!! Not sure I am up to that standard yet Candy, so I may have to put my orders in... :)

  2. The link takes me to a spam webpage


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