Monday 4 March 2013

How To: Create a Magentic Secret Message Tin

We have these little magnetic alphabet letters on our fridge, for our kids to play with. But lately, I've been using them to leave little messages for my darling hubby. There is only one alphabet set, and it is just not sufficient!

So I had the idea to do up a set of magnetic words. I have seen something like this before on a friend's fridge. And I recalled that I have printable magnetic business cards stashed away somewhere. So, I whipped out the printable magnetic business cards, found the template online (they have a link in the business cards pack), and typed up a bunch of words that I thought would be useful in writing secret messages to my hubby. 

I'm not going to share the list of words with you, as that would be telling. But you could make them as family friendly or suggestive as you like. Think about what kinds of words you would need for the sorts of messages you might like to leave. Include plenty of pronouns. I also included some partial sentences, such as, "Thank you for..." and "I love it when...". I included a few sets of individual alphabet letters too, though they do tend to get lost amongst the words in the tin.

Don't forget to do a test print on paper, to check that the words are not going to be cut off. Using a generous margin helps too. 

Cut all your words out and pop them in a tin. I happened to have some cute tins that I am using for my dress up doll packaging, but a biscuit tin would do.

The last step (and in my opinion, the most tricky) is to find a spot to keep it that you will remember to check for messages, and remember to leave messages too - but somewhere that is out of reach of the kids (if you have any).

Have fun!


  1. Love this idea! Although keeping them out of kid's reach is the main idea at the moment- I can think of one little girl who would find them very edible!

    1. Yes, keeping them out of sight is the key!

  2. Love this! So cute!! Congrats on making it into Etsy Finds!!!


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