Wednesday 12 September 2012

Photography Props

I finally found time to have a little play with creating some props for my photography of my felt dress brooches. I have never loved the basic photos on white backgrounds that I have on my Etsy shop - they do serve a purpose and are great for getting my items in treasuries, which is great for exposure. BUT they don't do a great deal to tell a story about my items. 

I have had the idea for a while, just no time to execute it. Well yesterday I found the time! While by no means perfect, I am quite happy with the initial result. (I say initial result - but that is after lots of sketches of girls that got dumped because they didn't have the right retro quality...)

What do you think? Do you think the girl and the wardrobe drawings are a distraction or add to the story?

I intend to work them together as well - as in, girl standing by her wardrobe, maybe as a sort of paper doll...which made me think of making an actual cardboard wardrobe and cardboard stand-up doll...but maybe that is too much. I get so excited by my ideas, which sometimes don't work out quite how I saw them in my head. Do you ever have this problem?

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  1. Candy I love these sketches! Especially the wardrobe one. The brooches look great against that backdrop. I would stick with the illustration, rather than a 3D cardboard set, as I think your items really pop out on the flat illustration and it looks really cool. They might get a bit lost in a 3D set-up.


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