Tuesday 7 August 2012

Kids' Art Portfolios

I can be rather last-minute at times. Like this past Saturday, when guests were arriving for a family celebration and I was sitting at my sewing table, finishing off a present for one of my guests, while the apron I showed you in the last post was hanging on my dress form, waiting to be wrapped up for another of my guests. Oh dear. *Blushes with shame*

So I had the idea to make my niece who did these drawings an art portfolio. She loves drawing, and I figured it would be a great idea to have a little portable folio for her to take on car trips, or out to appointments, etc. I had the idea back before Christmas, and went so far as finding some tutorials on Pinterest, but just did not get to it. I remembered about it on Wednesday last week, while preparing for my daughter's birthday party. My niece's birthday is also in August, along with her mother's and brother's. *CRAZY MONTH*.

I used this tutorial from Jengerbread Creations blog, just adding a fold over flap with snap clip to hold it all together. For my niece's, I also appliqued a piece of linen on the front cover, on which I had embroidered one of her earliest drawings of a person. 

Due to my hurried, antisocial, last-minute rush to finish my niece's portfolio, I did not get any photos of it. Oops. I did, however, get (some rather poor) photos of the next one that I made for a little friend of my daughter's, who had her birthday party the next day!

I highly recommend the great tutorial from Jengerbread Creations.

*Confession time* My daughter's birthday came and went, and I still didn't get on and finish her Quiet Book cover, even after writing this post. Aaaaah!! Really, really must complete that this week!

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