Friday 2 September 2011

Fabric Portfolio for Father's Day

A few months ago, when I was attending weekly craft nights and making an abundance of bits and pieces, hubby mentioned in passing that he 'wouldn't mind' if I made him a fabric portfolio-style folder. I tucked that helpful and blatant hint away in the back of my mind...

With Father's Day approaching, I started desperately attempting to think of a present idea a few weeks ago...when it hit me! The fabric folio! Hurray! Something he actually wants, and custom made just for him. So I sat down and worked on a few preliminary sketches, with the idea that I would design it and make it in secret.

Secret - HUH! I am rather pathetic at keeping secrets from my beloved hubby, and held it in about 15 minutes after he got home. Lame effort, right? Anyway, I have no one but myself to blame that he then got all excited about the possibilities, and though he loved my initial design, wanted to 'think about it' for awhile, especially the embroidery design, and maybe sketch up some other ideas for what to have embroidered on it.

Hmmm...a few weeks passed, in which he did a few sketches, but when I hounded him, it apparently was not complete and he didn't really know yet. Which brings us to Wednesday of this week - 4 days before Father's Day and still no answers! So I just did it my own way. And then of course, had to show him my work at every stage. (I really need to work on my sneakiness!)

I finished off the last few details this morning. Here it is:

I used olive green linen (I love linen!), and stitched with three strands of white embroidery cotton, sashiko embroidery for the cross and stem stitch for his initials, for which I used his design.
Pockets for his pint-sized diary, phone, short scale rule and a few pens.

Husband's idea that I attach two clips, one for when there is nothing in the pockets, and one for when they are full.
The right hand side is a pocket for A4-sized paper, and I glued a brushed metal clipboard to the centre. There is firm cardboard in each of the three sections also, for added support.
It is a little rough, but as my Mum would say - 'It's the lilt of handmade!'

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